Chile is a privileged country for the extraction of marine resources with over 4,000 km. of coastline, where you can find diverse species of crustaceans, such as lobsters, Southern Centolla, Centollón, Langostino, Shrimp and Prawns.

Thanks to our sea and land facilities, we are dedicated to extract the finest products of our coastline, always respecting the regulations, habitat and environment. Antartic Seafood SA carries out its fishing activities between III and VIII regions, in order to deliver to domestic and international markets, the freshness and wealth of our seas.

Our demands of the highest quality force us to be always studying and implementing new technologies and new processes for extracting, transporting and processing.

Our process plant has the highest standards of quality, based on the HACCP and ISO 9001 standards; this is how we are certified to export to European, Asian and American markets.



Once arrived at our plant, product is cooked to an average temperature of 90ºC and is then passed through a cooling trammel that stops the cooking process inertia and the peeling process begins. The whole process is hand made, without intervention of machinery.



Finally, the tails are washed before moving to the frozen and packaging process.



At the frozen stage the product is selected according to their size and placed on trays that go to the IQF tunnel, where they are frozen at -18 º C. Once they exit the IQF tunnel, the product is glazed to 10%, to generate a temperature protective film. Once dried, the product is finally packaged according to customer specifications.





Europe, Asia and North America have appreciated the high natural quality of our wild caught products as well as the control of the extraction and production processes.

The products are packaged in boxes under strict quality and temperature control; which helps to preserve the cold chain that ensures the arrival of the product to destination with all the standards of quality and taste.



In addition to the classic packaging, we are in permanent contact with our customers to find and develop new ways of packaging for the final consumer.